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Cookie Jam APK Download Latest Version 7.50.209

Cookie Jam APK download latest version 7.50.209 we’ve got more and more gamers waiting for games that are packed with glamor and amazing visions. One of the topics that is often raised is about food.

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If you are familiar with Candy Crush’s mega-hit game, you can see many similar games. Cookie Jam What about the latest APK 7.50.209 (1007050209)? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of games that will increase your appetite today.

Cookie Jam APK file information

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  • Developer: Jam City, Inc.
  • Version: 7.50.209 (1007050209)
  • File size: 60.5 MB
  • Uploaded: March 4, 2018 9:44 AM GMT + 07 March 4
  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
  • MD5: 2f245896817403a8f6d4658c5723a7d9
  • SHA1: a4240d81b9e3d5e914b007693467b6229594ffa0

Cookie Jam APK reviews

At first glance, this game is no different. Cookie Jam for Android is suitable for classic game of match-3 puzzle that also applies to Candy Crush. Of course, what you can notice here is the type of food to use. It is about bakery supplies such as donuts, cookies, jams, all sweet treats. Cookie Jam APK free the player’s eyes are broken by the visual color actually provided. It is very good for graphics. It also comes in several stages with a sweet supply of power-ups and combo. Controls used with familiar gameplay are relatively similar, so you will not have much trouble getting started with this game. There is limited movement that makes it difficult for a player to win at all stages. This movement affects the star system that the player will win and lose at each level.

If someone was a Candy Crush player before, this game can be disappointing because it is so common and similar. No other or special offers were offered. Vision has become one of the pride of this game because they are so cute, fresh, and very delicious. The sweet handling world displayed at a certain level is also very well made. The background music and sound effects sound soft and vivid. At a glance BGM reminds me of Candy Crush. Overall, music focuses on the strategy for the player to fall into the excitement of the game and move. There is a kitchen with more features to cook delicious food. It will also give you a variety of bonuses. You can also use the meta game to start the collection when you start the game. Besides eating good food, it will be helpful when you are stuck with moving.

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Advantages :

Great graphics with cute and delicious cookies, jams, vibrant background music and sound effects Enjoy the game for free with simple gameplay and controls. Many levels to conquer Disadvantages This is not the best game because it is similar to Candy Crush and too common in a match-3 puzzle game.

How to play Cookie Jam APK

It does not mean that you focus on match 3 only for the base. Better than three or more groups is better because you can clear the entire line and give special effects or bonuses to bombs. When you have two bonuses, do not forget to adjust the bonus to make a big difference. Since you have a kitchen, make sure you have enough material to make the new material. Cookie Jam APK for android the game offers additional rewards to help. Another strategy to apply is to put the game down for a while while you stay at one level. When you come back, it seems easier and can be done quickly. Do not follow the hints of the game easily. It is not always a better choice, so check the possibility of another match first and sometimes you will be stuck again.

Older Versions of Cookie Jam APK

Cookie Jam 7.45.208 (1007045208) Old APK
updated: march 4, 2018
Cookie Jam 7.30.210 (1007030210) Old APK
updated: february 16, 2018
Cookie Jam 7.20.213 (1007020213) Old APK
updated: january 4, 2018
Cookie Jam 7.10.212 (1007010212) Old APK
updated: december 6, 2017

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I love this game it’s a good game and all, so why don’t you guys just fix the glitches.