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CM Locker APK Download Latest Version 4.8.8

CM Locker APK Download latest version 4.8.8 in general, many people see Clean Master as an app that cleans smartphones in junk and other places. But people do not seem to know the brothers who are CM Locker latest APK 4.8.8 (48081083).

CM Locker APK Download latest version

Yes, CM stands for Clean Master, so you can clearly see that this is actually an enhanced version of Clean Master. You read it correctly. The last series of Clean Master has been improved. Old features will still be delivered to your app with some new features that are not included with other apps. In other words, there are two versions of Clean Master in one package.

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  • Developer: Cheetah Mobile
  • Version: 4.8.8 (48081083)
  • File size: 8.1 MB
  • Uploaded: March 10, 2018 9:31 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Varies by device
  • MD5: c6b8b193cb8f511f20d9bde47c09dfd8
  • SHA1: 596746b9a69acc597d17a9463e9666689a37dadd

CM Locker APK v4.8.8
Download APK file (8.1MB)

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CM Locker APK review

You might be wondering what this app can do to make sure this app is considered one of the best apps for organizing and protecting your smartphone. First of all, you can use hierarchical protection to protect applications installed on your smartphone. It’s wrong to assume that setting a password, PIN, or pattern on the Home screen is sufficient. It is possible that someone will always break into the app and pass it. CM Launcher 3D APK Download Latest Version 5.21.0 in this case, this application provides another protection that can be set with a new password, PIN, or pattern lock. Another feature of this app is that you can protect your app with some disguise. Maybe you’ll wonder what that means for the first time.

Compared to previous features, you will be at risk of intrusion by interlopers. However, with this feature, no matter how hard Interopers try to break into your app, you will not get a crash report that can cause problems. Eventually, it is not a report. CM Locker APK no one can open the app because it’s just a fake report. But in the end, there are still faults. It offers almost all kinds of protection, but it consumes more battery power than other apps. Yes, do not be surprised that your smartphone is in a critical state after an hour of unplugging from the charger. In addition, fake crash reports are not allowed inside the app. Even if you are the one who builds it, you will eventually be disturbed.

Advantages :

It has layered protection. There is a fake collision report that can not be penetrated. Disadvantages : Drain battery power

How to use CM Locker APK

You do not need to use this app at first. After installing and running, you have several options to choose from indefinitely. Select the Protection tab to set up layered protection on your smartphone. Set the protection mode to be applied. It can be either a password, a PIN, or a pattern lock. For other choices, you can also select a fake error report for unbreakable protection from CM Locker for Android.

Older Versions of CM Locker APK

CM Locker 4.8.7 (48071070) Old APK
updated: march 10, 2018
CM Locker 4.8.4 (48041049) Old APK
updated: february 19, 2018
CM Locker 4.8.3 (48031036) Old APK
updated: january 20, 2018
CM Locker 4.8.1 (48011023) Old APK
updated: january 11, 2018