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Clash of ClansClash of Clans APK Download

Download Clash of Clans APK latest version 10.134.12 Mobile gaming is a vast industry, and the latest version of the ClashofClans 10.134.12 (973) Clash of Souls Apk Download APK is just one of the few popular games you’ll find in your industry. This mobile game is widely known as iOS game.

As Android became more popular, it soon became apparent that more and more people were playing games. This game is basically a classic mix of combat, simulation and strategy. So basically it will take a lot of time for people who have never played games like strategy and simulation games. This fast-rising game from 2013 is a game you can play on your Android device.

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It has been considered a good mobile game with the fact that there are so many players so far. On the screen and control side of download Clash of Clans APK, it works really well on Android devices, including tablets. There is no doubt about the response of the touch control, so there is no problem with the name of the control when playing the game for a long time. In the town view of the game there is a so-called setup menu that is really easy to access by pressing with your finger. When chat is enabled, you can continue to watch the game that’s going on. Using two-finger gestures in this game makes it easier to zoom in or out of the game without glitches during the graphical period.

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About Clash of Clans file

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  • By Supercell
  • Version: 10.134.12 (973)
  • File size: 98.6 MB
  • Uploaded: April 10, 2018 11:04 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
  • MD5: 9cebab517ac24cca420b740ded95ef82
  • SHA1: 378b405f09df604a3f17d58f0dbbf28acf9348c6

Review Clash of Clans APK

Obviously there are a lot of clan clashes for Android to offer players. As to the characteristics of this game, there are things you need to know for the first time. The first thing to do as a beginner is to cover a small town and you will find a variety of things for this game. It is as simple as expanding and defending a village. Unfortunately, there are a lot of efforts that need to be done. There will be some initial early quests to help you gather resources for your village. There will also be a way to create an important army in this game to defend the town or attack other areas. Well, this is the basic idea of this game. Another important element of this game is to collect things, not just combat.

You need a lot to get started with this game. More things need resources, such as developing villages, increasing troops, and expanding villages. One of them is gold. So pay attention to the opportunities they come. Basically, the army will leave everything on the battlefield, but the winning battle will be rewarded. Continuous development will be required in many aspects in case things get worse. Well, it’s a glimpse into the gameplay of this popular game. In other words, there are three main resources in this game. These resources include gold, black Elixirs, and Elixirs.

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Each of them will have their own purpose to help develop in the game. It is also possible to form a kind of alliance with other players to pursue better results and results in the game. It is not a one-person army game that can be easily conquered by doing all alone. The integrated chat system enables easy communication within the player for a variety of purposes, including forming a stronger alliance. This particular game has previously been mentioned as a combination of strategy, simulation and combat so that players can at least understand how to play these games. In terms of strategy, it takes time to understand everything. There is no immediate result, so everything should be planned at the right moment.

Those who love such strategic games will eventually like even addictive games. Download Clash of Clans APK in addition to providing many features and aspects within gameplay and gaming systems, it also provides satisfactory graphics results. Well, combining really captivating graphics with harmonious game music will waste hours playing the game without feeling like a long time. As mentioned earlier, you can get back on your tablet. This is a good thing about the performance of this game. One good example of a performance aspect is that when the game is run without touching it until the screen goes off, it goes on without any problems and does not take much time to play. It is also difficult to predict when you play this game. Soft and stable, you can perfectly express this special game.

Good and bad

  • To summarize this game, there are some good things you can do:
  • It is a free game with many features you can expect to play even for a long time.
  • Mobile games have pretty decent graphics quality.
  • Provides smooth, stable performance on Android devices, including tablets.
  • There is a communication feature that allows you to play with other players for greater profits.
  • Retreats can not control the army within the Goblin Kingdom, so they can do as they can.

How to play Clash of Clans game APK

Buy a builder or worker using jewelry. In a Clash Clans apk getting a creator or a worker is actually difficult. It plays an important role because it is a fight to steal resources from other villages. Sometimes when a builder is too busy building a building, the player may lose the booty before using it. People should plan a good plan for how to protect their villages by setting up firewalls as soon as possible. So buy a builder versus using gems to shorten building time.

Attack other villages

Attacking other towns is also a key part of the game, where you can earn gold, Elixir gold mines, and Elixir collectors that can help you develop and defend your town. Use rewards to do more research in the lab. So people are more likely to create a reliable army. Do not forget to complete the achievements to get more gems to use to add builders.

Please come with another clan.

The last is to join other clans. Join other clans to learn how novice players can make their clan and town stronger. In addition, it is possible to share the army and secure the army in this way. This is how all players can grow fast.

Change log

  1. Introduction to War Tools: A new way to tune Clan War attacks. Add strategy notes to your enemy base and tag
  2. your targets!
  3. Many bug fixes and UI modifications

Older downloadable Versions of Clash of Clans 2019

Clash of Clans 10.134.6 (967) Old APK
updated: april 10, 2018
Clash of Clans 9.434.31 (959) Old APK
updated: march 6, 2018
Clash of Clans 9.434.25 (954) Old APK
updated: february 10, 2018
Clash of Clans 9.434.18 (947) Old APK
updated: february 2, 2018

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