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Cat Goes Fishing LITE APK Download Latest Version 4.2.12

Cat Goes Fishing LITE APK Download latest version 4.2.12 you do not have to go to play the most fun games. Sometimes a simple game can do well.

Download Cat Goes Fishing LITE APK latest version

Well, we will not do it all. It depends on your taste. Still, it’s a good idea to try it. If you need to start, try Cat Goes Fishing LITE latest APK 4.2.12 (4002012). There are surprisingly many things you can get in a simple game.

Information of Cat Goes Fishing LITE APK

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  • Developer: Cat5Games
  • Version: 4.2.12 (4002012)
  • File size: 14.4 MB
  • Uploaded: March 7, 2018 11:13 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 2.3+
  • MD5: 01f90be60d4a2b141c283b5379902a28
  • SHA1: 65ab94771df508ff089c15516f366297818b41be

Cat Goes Fishing LITE APK review

Yes, you can play like a cat, mostly fishing with water. There is nothing more than a default bar to start work. As you move to the top level, you will eventually become a Radar Master Fisher Cat. To do so, you have to fish the strongest and largest fish in the water. Each fish needs to learn and learn because it has its own actions. If you adhere to the default bar, you can not go anywhere near the master level. If you upgrade to Road alone, you will not be able to win the game. So there is an extras that will help you in fishing. Among the extras are bombs, rockets, fast-sinking baits, and attacks or repulses for certain species. Cat Goes Fishing LITE APK for android later, you can find a hat to provide special abilities, and even let the fish in the deep sea go boat. Using these features is a great way to advance to another level. Let you use them very well. In the discussion above we are confident that you can point one or two pros. However, there is always a disadvantage to follow them. Knowing them will let you know more about the game. So, let me point out some of them below.

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Advantages :

Pretty graphics Simple game Fun add-ons A very challenging quest Disadvantages Upgrading some tools The chaotic fish caught.

How to play Cat Goes Fishing LITE APK

Some people may be trapped at some point in the game. Then you just have to get bored because you can not get it anywhere. If it’s easy, you can not get the most out of Cat Lights Fishing Lite for Android. You can sell fish and spend money for upgrading. You can always catch special items in the water. Making good use of them is one way to get the most out of the game. To catch a big fish, you need to loosen the huge hook and use the fish as bait. So write this down.

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  • jack mark


Ever since ive had this game ive felt really relaxed. Ive caught the shark about 10 times and the maw twice.


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