Cash Inc Game Guide & Tips

Cash Inc game you want to play this game for a long time, the goal is to unlock all towers. If you play only for fun, your goal is to be rich and placed on top of the leaderboard. Cash, Inc The game has 18 beautiful towers and all towers must be unlocked same as like The Big Capitalist Game, Cash Inc Apk has all the towers and money lists needed to unlock this tower from the game.

Cash Inc Game Guide & Tips for Android

You start with $ 100 million, one billion, one trillion, four trillion, and quintin. Google knows more about this huge number. And you need “patience” to make this huge money. Here are the Cash, Inc strategy guides, tips, cheats and tricks for all players beginner, Intermediate, advanced Cash Inc Apk game can start many businesses. You start from the comic store (free) to media “HQ” and continue to “galaxy station”. Now, there is a strategic part.

The amount of profits you get from each business is different and there is a big difference between your income and upgrade costs. Compared to Media HQ, there is less revenue from comedy stores. The profits of the media headquarters are less profitable than the sushi bar business. Below is a list of businesses that you can earn more (ascending).

  • Galactic station
  • A hideaway of money
  • Jewelry N. Colorado
  • Pineapple store
  • Multiple music
  • Shoes Outlet
  • De Vin City Studio
  • Sushi bar
  • Media Headquarters
  • Cartoon Store

The only way to make more money is to unlock and upgrade the “galaxy” as soon as possible. In a nutshell, you should not upgrade too many low-margin businesses it’s a waste Cash Inc game for example, if you are spending money on upgrading your manga store, it’s a waste. Reach 100 or 200 levels. Begin to focus on high-income business leaving it. Until you arrive at “Galaxy Station”.

What have we learned so far?

Do not upgrade your business too much (except the Galaxy Express). Unlock and upgrade your galaxy as fast as possible, VIP recruitment is an important part of the Cash Inc Android game they can increase profits several times. You can invest a small amount of money and get three times more revenue later. But… .. In some cases, you have unlocked all buildings. Then, do not spend money on VIPs who run low-profit businesses. The reason is for example, there are $ 200 Quintillion and you can hire a VIP at this rate.

  • Cartoon store- $ 2 Quintin
  • Media headquarters- $ 5 Quintin
  • Sushi bar- $ 7 Quintin
  • De Vin City Studio – $ 10 Quintin
  • Shoes outlets- $ 20 Quintillion
  • Music – $ 35 Quintillion
  • Pineapple Store – $ 50 Quintillion
  • Jewelry N. Co – $ 75
  • Money Hide – $ 100 Quintillion
  • Galaxy Station – $ 200 Quintillion

All of these VIPs can boost your business three times. There is $ 200 Quintillion. Which should I hire? Apparently, the Galaxy Station @ $ 200 Quintillion.


Since Galactic Station makes more money, hiring a VIP from Galactic Station can increase your revenue up to 3 times. You must do the same. See returns in all your businesses. Pay attention to those profitable businesses [where you are earning more] and hire VIPs for that business. For example, if you earn more money at Jewels N. CO, hire a VIP for your business. In short, give priority to profitable businesses only. At Cash Inc game reputation is one of the best ways to earn an eternal interest in every building.

When it is a good time to build up your reputation, the mentor will notify you. Use this feature to gain lasting gains and fame. But you will have to start from scratch. Use your reputation to unlock premium upgrades. There is only one thing to keep in mind when using this feature. That is “profit rate”. For example, I initially made $ 2 in a manga store. Earning a reputation will permanently improve your profit rate. Suppose you receive a 5x profit rate bonus.

If you start the game after Prestige, you can make 5 times more money in every business. For example, if you earn $ 2 in a cartoon store, you earn $ 10 next. Just use the Prestige feature to check the profit rate speed Cash Inc the second time, the profit rate should be doubled. For example, for the first time, the yield was doubled. Next time, it should be more than 2 times (eg 5 times, 10 times).

Upgrade all your business to increase your profit rate bonus. When can you build your reputation? When is the time to fame in the game? Very simple. Just wait for the call. Uncle Rich will tell you. Who is your uncle? Here’s Cash Uncle, Cash Inc.

Get free diamonds in Cash Inc Game

One of the best ways to earn diamonds in a game is to go to Settings, link your game to your Facebook account and you will be rewarded with 100 diamonds. Another way is to continue the game, tap the toy, or sometimes get the diamond from your inbox. Read the fourth point of this post and learn how to earn free diamonds. Cash, Inc you spend money in the game. Do not use single diamonds for useless power-ups (skip 1 day, skip over 2 days).


This is because you can get a “golden ticket” using this diamond. What is a golden ticket? The Golden Ticket must hire “Uncle Rich”. A wealthy man can increase his business’s return to 17 times (for the first time). Cash, Inc To learn more about this uncle in the game, read the following.

Spin and wheel, uncle rich, golden ticket

These function; Uncle Rich, the spin and wheel, the golden ticket is unlocked once you get your fame three times. In other words, you need to reward at least 3 times to unlock the spin and wheel, Uncle Rich, and Golden tickets. After getting 3 reputations: –

We will give you a free golden ticket

You can use your golden ticket to hire or invite your uncle’s riches. A wealthy uncle gives you a permanent boost (17 times for the first time) in one of your businesses. For example, I am making 100 Quintliions per second at the Galaxy. By hiring a wealthy uncle, he will increase profits from 100 Quintillion to 1700 Quintillion per second. It’s good? Yes! Golden tickets are limited and must be used only in the Galaxy. Here is the strategy.

Only send a golden ticket to the Galactic Statio. This is the only building where you can get the only money Cash, Inc.
“Spin N Wheels” With the Spin N ‘Wheel feature, you can get free golden tickets, diamonds and booster in Cash Inc game all you have to do is tap it and watch a video ad. Or use a diamond to earn a golden ticket. Replace with 6 diamonds to get 1 golden ticket. So do not use diamonds in other items.

Use it to get a golden ticket and upgrade your advisor / uncle with a golden ticket. In the game have redemption code options. You can enter the code and claim the free compensation. Cash, Inc code is available on FB, Twitter and Insta Page of Cash, Inc games. Go to Settings, click the social media icon, and follow us. You can send messages with free codes.