Captain Tsubasa Android Game Guide & Tips

Captain Tsubasa Android Game review this is a truly unique feature that works like a macro recorder for Android gaming. You can record all the actions you perform on the screen as a macro and play them by pressing the hotkeys when you need them.

Captain Tsubasa Game Guide & Tips for Android

This feature allows you to record all keystrokes, mouse clicks, gestures, and other idle times that you perform within the game as same as Football Manager Mobile 2018 Apk, You can then play all the recorded tasks as desired by pressing a single key. The unlimited number of operations you can perform with the combo key function. Regardless of which game you play, you can save the key sequence and repeat all the key sequences with a single button. As a result, you can concentrate on building and running a game strategy without using your fingers only for exercise!

Do not you believe us? Let’s look at how gacha mechanics can make use of this feature in games that use it. Captain Tsubasa android Apk the Dream Team is one of the best practices we can make in this regard. Excerpted from the famous cartoon series of the same name, this soccer-themed game uses both Gacha and strategy skills.

How to use the Combo key on Captain Tsubasa Apk Dream Team

To learn how to set up the Combo Key feature, take a look at this article. Captain Tsubasa Apk has two basic mechanisms. First, I play soccer on a 2D interface. This is a real game and will be played in real time. So I try to reach my opponent by passing the ball to my teammate. Teams are displayed in fields in a manner that is appropriate for a predetermined pattern / tactic, so you can see the location of each player. The matching screen looks like this:

Scenario 1: Reaching the opponent’s goal

You must click the player to pass the ball. And believe us, this starts getting pretty boring because you have to do it all the time and at least 15-20 times in every game. Instead, the combo key function allows you to pre-record all path moves and easily reach the relative goal posts with a single button. Start by clicking the keyboard icon at the bottom right of the interface. The menu used for the Key Mapping tool now also includes the Combo Key.

Simply press the “+” button to start recording. Then continue the Captain Tsubasa Android Apk and decide how the path chain will occur. When you are finished, stop recording. Give the saved sequence a name and specify a specific key. In the future, you can repeat all the keystrokes and mouse input you recorded using this key only. It’s like creating a macro in your favorite game for later use. Getting a goal is never that easy!

Scenario 2: Player delivery from opponent team

But Captain Tsubasa is not just a two-dimensional soccer field. If you get too close to the goal post, you have to pass the opponent’s athlete. This struggle occurs on a 3D screen. Players have different skills, and if you use them as a series, you can win the most powerful opponent. See the screenshot below. The buttons at the bottom show the available techniques. When you create a specific combo, you can use this combination to easily defeat the opponent.

Now, I knew what to do. Combo key Start recording and select the skill combo to use. You can create one or more combo based on the opponent’s skills and assign different names to each. After creating the required combo, click the Stop button.

Finally, give this sequence a name and a shortcut

You do not have to press more than one button when you meet a similar person or remember which combo you should use. You can use the best combination of skills for each opponent with just one button operation.

Scenario 3: creating a teaming with one click

At the end of each half-hour of each match, you can change the team and change the position of the player. This is more important than you think. Because it can switch to other tactics and create a criminal or defense-oriented team. You need to make decisions based on the match process. Even if you start Captain Tsubasa Android game with an attack-focused team, you may have to switch to a defensive strategy at the end of the first half. Normally you need to grab each player and drag them to a new location to see the stat changes.

This will take a few minutes and will require multiple clicks to make a simple strategy change. But thanks to the Combo Key feature, you can create various team settings and switch to one click. Let’s see how: Team display screen. We are currently attacking, but we have to switch to a defensive strategy. Start recording.

We changed the position of the players in the team and made the formation of the defense center. Give this formation a name and assign it a shortcut key. You can now automatically switch to this team configuration in the future. You can create multiple team configurations and assign shortcuts to each.


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