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Captain Planet Gaia Guardians Game Beginner’s Guide & Tips

Captain Planet Gaia Guardians game

Be ready to go back to the 1980s and revisit classic cartoons in the mobile gaming world. The Turner Broadcasting System owns the Captain Planet franchise for strangers and has helped bring numerous Cartoon Network games to mobile devices. Captain Planet Gaia Guardians game an idle cricket game where you control all five Planeteers including Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, Gi, and Mati and recruit wicked eco villains who want to overcome the world.

Captain Planet Gaia Guardians Game Beginner’s Guide & Tips for Android

Corruption! Each of the planetary powers will play a part in fighting this new and old enemy, and you will also get a chance at some point in the game where you can unlock the Captain Planet by hoping that the forces will combine to clean the world of pollution Beat that eco villain! Every idle cricket game has a profoundly complex element, even if it can still be played very easily at the end of the day as same as Tap Empire Idle Clicker Apk, i do not think so, so let’s discuss 11 tips to save, clean and remove the planet from our Captain Planet Gaia Guardians Apk strategy guide. The world of the monstrous world where the villains of the game are released.

1. This is not your average idle licker

An idle cricker game usually performs slower tasks at slower speeds, but literally keeps idle and performs basic maintenance, quits the game for a few hours without tapping the screen, and then repeats the process for one or two days . You are ready to build your reputation. Captain Planet Gaia Guardians game are different in that they will only take a few hours before you build your reputation, but once you do, you will start your adventure longer than you. Finally, gather more gifts from Gaia and rebuild hope Island.

This is a process that strengthens each individual’s tendency according to the elemental influences of the improvement of Hope Island, which means that you can actually advance the region faster and have easier time for each and every boss. (If you are wondering, boss battles are done by killing them within a specified time, which may require a little intervention at your end through extra knockout.) It is a somewhat ingenious twist for an endless game. As you will see, this is a game that may take some time depending on the number of videos you want to watch.

2. Watch the video taken offline and then double watched

You’ll get more coins when defeating more enemies or killing monsters in the game, but you do not necessarily have to tap the screen to do dirty work. The Captain Planet Gaia Guardians game will do all the dirty work for you on eavesdropping, so when each Planeteers brings out more bad guys you can just sit back and relax. It also applies to boss fights.

Even if you do not do anything, your Planeteers will still try their best to dispatch the president. And it will also apply when you do not actually participate in the game. The longer you stay offline, the more money you can earn, so you can level the planet tier and prepare for stronger enemies and bosses in the game. However, you can also double up everything you’ve taken offline by watching the ad video and clicking the play button at the bottom of the prompt.

This will take you to a 20-30 second video and you must complete it to double your reward. There is also an option to use diamonds to double your passive income through this game (step 5, specifically). However, we will discuss diamonds later in this guide as we will need diamonds for more important things.

3. Depending on the adventure

Kwame (Earth) becomes the first planeteer when playing Captain Planet in the order of Gaia Guardians, Wheeler (Fire), Linka (Wind), Gi (Water) and Mati (Heart). But initially you will not start your adventure with Kwame and / or Wheeler. You will rely on every adventure, but if you meet all the Planeteers at least five times, you can use the third through fifth in the given area in each adventure.

You will also find that you can get more than one Planeteer in every region. Keep this in mind as you may need it when you give it to your boss! Focus on the planetary system with the advantages of elements when you use special techniques. Then it defeats the boss faster than usual!

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4. Tap on The drones in Captain Planet Gaia Guardians game

During the time you are actively playing, you do not have to tap the screen to kill the monster. However, you must keep an eye on the flying objects that may appear next to the target enemy. The first one is the drones that come with coin rewards. Catching here is tapping something or intercepting an unmanned airplane, and then tap “decode” the decode button. There is no special skill. It depends on the amount of coins in unmanned airplanes because it is likely to successfully decode unmanned aircraft – the more coins the more difficult it is to decipher!

If you can not decipher the unmanned aircraft, you can try again by paying the Diamond (the premium currency of the game). We do not recommend it unless you can purchase diamonds from an in-app store, or if diamonds are specifically loaded at a particular time. If you can not decipher an unmanned aircraft, you can log off and get passive income to compensate for failed attempts.

5. You can also meet the flight box

You can collect boxes, except for the drones you can tap to knock on them. More often than not, unlocking a crate takes five to two hours to unlock, and usually involves a few diamonds and a few pieces to collect a new Power Shard for Planet Teas. Captain Planet Gaia Guardians game upgrade your new Power or upgrade your existing power upgrade. In addition to a regular box with diamonds and Power Shards, you can also tap a blue box with some (some emphasis) diamonds. It is usually about 1 to 5 pieces.

This is where “pop quiz” Captain Planet Apk questions multiple questions about the environment and / or how to save. Most answers are basic common sense. For example, you may be asked to select a vehicle that has the greatest negative impact on your environment, in which case you should select “Car” if the other option is “Bike”. If you get the correct answer, you will get the gem, but if not, Gaia’s simple answer can explain the previous answer is correct or wrong.

6. Play the carbon bank mini

The green “Recycle” tab takes you to the Carbon Bank mini-game, which is very simple, simple and without any disadvantages. Tap the Recycling tab and Captain Planet will “recycle” it when you click on the trash and trash. This will give you more diamonds, but there are catches in them. The Captain Planet Gaia Guardians game deposited in the Carbon Bank and can be opened for free by reaching at least 500 Diamonds deposited inside. Each time you play a mini game, it usually takes 10 to 12 gems, so it can take some time, but every time you play it you can play it every few minutes.

There is always no trash. Captain Planet Recycling! You can open the Carbon Bank before you reach the 500 Diamond Mark, but you will be billed at $ 6 or your local currency. We do not know why you want to do this when you can wait for it and be patient and get more diamonds.

7. Continue to watch the ad video to open the billboard

As we mentioned while talking about the crate, this box has diamonds (more than those in the blue box) and a power shard. Boss Crates will surely win over the boss fight, and it takes 8 hours! Also, remember that you can only keep three boxes at a time. You have to discard everything that you can save, or you can not open the diamonds immediately so you can open them instantly! So it would be better to spend time on behalf of Captain Planet Gaia Guardians game on the other hand, there is a way to reduce the waiting time to open the box and watch the video.

As we discovered, there seems to be no limit to the number of videos you can see when you try to shorten the unlock time of this box. After watching a commercial video in a moment, I was able to open the boss crates in just a few minutes! You may not want to be lucky. Mobile games usually only have so many videos, so it’s worth trying at least once during your game! Read some tips to see why it’s a good idea to watch your ad video to speed up the crate opening.

8. You can also purchase boxes from stores

In addition to getting the win box by tapping the box during a “fight” or defeating your boss, you can also purchase it from the in-app store. You can purchase the box from the in-app store, which you can access by clicking the purple and gold buttons next to Settings. Captain Planet Gaia Guardians game tap the store button below the Power Collection in the top right corner of the battle screen. Then you can choose 350, 225, 500 diamonds from Elite, Massive or Cosmic Crates. Elite guarantees three star power shards and offers a variety of rare power shards. Cosmic 5 stars power shard is guaranteed.

The obvious advantage of buying a wooden box with diamonds is that you do not have to wait for the lock to open. Once unlocked automatically, you can access your content right away! You can also purchase a diamond package with the actual money (the cheapest is $ 3 or local equivalent) as a bonus tip. One package for 1,250 diamonds, 50,000 coins, one wheeler, and one Gi.

9. Completed quest

Have you ever wondered how to level up on Captain Planet? Gaia Guardians? After all, it’s not about killing more monsters that are part of the way to complete certain quests. Complete quests to gain experience points to achieve a simple milestone, such as unlocking a new Planeteer or taking a specific adventure during an adventure leveling enemy numbers or Planeties to a certain level. Once the quest is complete, it takes about 6 hours to refresh and you must provide enough time to complete the quest and refresh it.

You can also pay for quest rewards immediately without seeing the video or paying diamonds to go through the requirements Captain Planet Gaia Guardians game however, if you feel the quests are too difficult, it is clear that you want to watch advertising videos instead of paying a few diamonds. Or you need to spend or complete time. (Usually it is not.)

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10. How does power work?

We mentioned Power Shards in this guide. As you have thought, you must collect all shards that correspond to a given power and unplug and mount them in the planeteer. This power is evaluated in terms of rarity with five rare and powerful stars, and you can upgrade your diamonds by collecting all the pieces you need for the power you already have. Makes it even more powerful. Otherwise, you can unlock the new Power and mount it as needed or equipment.

Power all have a cool time, so wait a few seconds to a minute to re-use! There are some permissions that you may need to actually do on the screen to use as a bonus tip. For example, Mati’s primary force, Avian Assault, must swipe in the direction shown on the screen, so the bird he fires can actually attack the enemy. Kwame’s Rock Fist, on the other hand, needs to swipe upwards to face the enemy.

11. How does the reputation process work?

Finally, let’s talk about the presentation process of Captain Planet Gaia Guardians game are the process of restarting the game and losing all of your calls while starting from scratch) and other resources, but you need to go to the next item and keep some items that get faster. When you see finale at the fight, you are entering your home stretch and heading to the final battle with the toughest Mega Boss of all the bosses you will face in a given adventure. As in other boss fights, you have a certain amount of time to kill the boss, but the mega boss is stronger than the rest.

Captain Planet you will help yourself for the first few seconds. Boss battle. Once Captain Planet is completed, it is up to you. It is your job to knock on the screen to get rid of the Mega Boss quickly and free Powers as soon as possible. Keep in mind that each power does not have a cool time corresponding to it; There will be a few seconds before you can exert the power of another planet!

So a normal attack is very important and it will definitely help if all the planet operators are leveled up enough before joining the Megabos battle. When you defeat the Mega Boss, you unlock the unlocked box with the diamond or discard it if you do not have a diamond. But like the game’s five bosses will combine forces to form a monster pollution, so the forces of the planetary system combine to form a sub-planet.

It is generally easy to overcome track pollution. Just knocking on the screen can damage him and get more bonuses. When all this is over, you will finally receive the gift of Gaia. Hope Island can visit regularly to improve and restore Hope Island Captain Planet Gaia Guardians game you can visit them regularly to claim more coins, and you can set them up for more difficult boss battles.

Then you can get a reputation. (This is done automatically.) While you lose all your money (coins and diamonds), start a new adventure while maintaining improvements to the Island of Hope and your strength. Speed up your level and experience difficult adventures with less difficulty!