Candy Crush Friends Saga APK Tips & Guide

Candy Crush Friends Saga APK developer King does not show signs of stagnation as he continues to dominate the match-3 puzzle genre six years after he first launched Candy Crush Jelly Saga APK, the company’s latest match-3 puzzle, called Candy Crush Friends Saga, quickly earned a top rating by bringing a new twist to its icon series.

Candy Crush Friends Saga APK Tips & Guide for Android

Games available on Android, and iOS still follow the normal format of the old version. There are a series of levels to complete, and some are more difficult than the last level. But the new thing about this game is that it collects your favorite characters. This character not only builds a booster but also dresses to add some fun on the sticker book! There are also several new game modes that allow you to dunk cookies or free your animal friends.

There are hundreds of levels in front of you, so make sure you are ready to take everything. Candy Crush Friends Saga Apk tips & tricks to find out how to complete all levels!

1. Prioritization of goals

It is fun to shred a lot of candy, but it is useless if the level drops. Note the target tracker in the upper left corner of the screen. The move to achieve this goal is limited. If you run out of movement, you have to start again and you will also lose your life. Because there are a few new game types, you need to master all game types and build strategies accordingly. The first type of goal is Free the Octopuses. In this mode, the Octopia is stranded under some kind of obstacle. To get rid of the octopus, you need to create a match next to these obstacles.

Another goal is to find animals. Here you have to break the ice tiles covering your animal friends. The third type of goal is jam spreading. This time we aim to cover the board with as much jam as we need. Dunk the Cookies, on the other hand, must create a match to clear the path that the cookie falls down the board Candy Crush Friends Saga Apk finally, in Hartmore mode, create a match to fill the heart-shaped mold. Once full, the level is completed.

2. How to make special candy

Special tiles or candy in this case is the blood of all 3 matching puzzle games. You can not go far unless you create and use it from time to time. In fact, some candy can not be completed without special candy. With that in mind, we’ve listed a number of special tiles that you can use in the game and how to create them.

Fish Candy – Fish candy is one of the most common special tiles you can make. You can combine 4 matching candies to make a square. When you match a fish tile with two or more of the same color candy, the fish destroys any tiles on the board.

Stripe Candy – Another common special tile that can be made of four candies. Rows or columns must be formed instead of rectangles. How to match striped candy can erase entire rows or columns depending on how you create them.

Bomb Candy – As the name suggests, bomb candy blows the surrounding tiles around. It also explodes a second later and takes out more tiles. You can combine five candies in T-shape or L-shape to create bombs.

Color Bomb – This delicious chocolate ball combines five candies in rows or columns. When you exchange it with another candy, all instances of the same candy on the board are removed. Color bombs are not easy to get, so please take out as much candy as possible. Quickly analyze the board to see which colors are the most dominant and, if possible, the target.

Special bombs – Combine six candies in T-shape or L-shape to create a special bomb. Be cautious because you can mess up your subsequent actions. When a special bomb occurs, you need the color of the candy used to make it. If you change it, the random tiles turn into the same color.

3. Using the right candy combination in Candy Crush Friends Saga APK

Now that we know how to make a special candy, it’s time to mix and match the nice candies. By combining two special candies, you can combine them into stronger candies to achieve your goals faster. Check out the candy combo list below to better understand which candy combo to use in the game.

Fish + Fish – Combined two fish candies are three fish tiles that swim to arbitrary locations on the board, which violates the laws of mathematics and results. There is no way to predict where they will go, but removing one additional tile may cause additional matches.

Stripe + Stripe – Combining two striped candy instead of removing only one row or column causes cross-shaped destruction, regardless of the original stripes. That is, even if you combine two column streaks, cross explosion still occurs.

Bomb + Bomb – Combining two bombs causes a larger explosion and removes candy twice within the radius. Color Bomb + Color Bomb – Combining two color bombs instead of removing all one candy will send a bolt of lightning to all the candies and delete them one by one.

Fish + Stripes – Fish swim to random locations and then erase rows or columns from them. The explosion will continue depending on whether the striped candy was created as a row or a column.

Fish + Bomb – After swimming to a random position, fish explode with a larger radius than normal bomb candy.

Fish + Color Bomb – All tiles with the same color as fish turn into fish candy in Candy Crush Friends Saga Apk they all swim randomly and destroy one tile each.

Stripe + Bomb – A giant cross-shaped explosion will take place, destroying all paths across three columns and rows.

Stripe + Color Bomb – All tiles with the same color as the stripes are replaced by striped candy. Then remove each column or row, depending on the location of the stripes.

Color Bomb + Bomb – All tiles with the same color as the bomb will turn into bombs. They take out the surrounding tiles and explode them all.

Color Bomb + Special Bomb – The combination of both will erase the entire bulletin board at once, so you can complete any level of results.

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4. More character collection

As mentioned earlier, Candy Crush Friends Saga Apk allows you to collect characters from sticker books. This character has a unique ability to help you accomplish your mission. You will be asked to select one character and bring it to the beginning of the level. Games generally recommend someone, but you should consider the goals of the level and make sure you have a better personality in your work. For example, Tiffi adds 3 fish candies to the board every time he removes 10 red tiles.

Anyway, if you aim for a red tile, you can bring her. In a similar way Yeti adds a bomb to the board when he clears 12 blue candies. Anyway, clearing the blue tiles will help you move quickly. To unlock more characters, you must first collect a specified number of stickers. These can be obtained by opening the gift box. You can find one on the board every 5 steps.

Clear all tiles around the gift box before completing the level. When the level is cleared, the box opens. The game also offers daily rewards including stickers, energy, booster, and costumer stickers. One thing you should keep in mind is that the costume is purely makeup and does not affect the character’s abilities.

5. Wait for the hint

Most levels do not have time limits in general, so there are tricks that can help you get stuck. You must remain idle for a few seconds and watch the board carefully. The selected companion displays a possible match. Often he will suggest a match that will bring a special candy. This does not always mean that you solve the puzzle, but it is a hint when you absolutely lose ideas.

6. Do not buy life

In Candy Crush Friends Saga apk you can live up to 5 people, just like the previous incarnations of the Candy Crush series. Each time a level fails, you lose one. At the end of its life, you can wait until it is charged or you can purchase more. There are hundreds of levels in the game, and you will probably need money at a higher level. Instead of wasting currency when you recharge your life, wait for regeneration.

It is not a bad thing to rest for a while. In the same sense, you also should not spend your money if you run out of exercise. If you stay at the same level for a while and have one or two moves until the last success, save as a last resort.