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Boost Arena APK Tips & Tricks

Boost Arena Apk a new crazy car combat game for Android and iOS devices. Squarehead’s new mobile title reminds you of .io games that compete with other players inside the arena same as like F1 Mobile Racing Apk, at Boost Arena your goal is to stay in the game as long as possible while earning points. Of course, because there are other players in the arena, you have to interfere to place them in the rankings.

Boost Arena APK Cheats Tips & Tricks

You can open a variety of power-up boxes to get the weapons you can use against your opponents. But keep in mind that you will plan the same thing. Be careful that projectiles, bombs, and bait boxes are not noticeable. If you find yourself constantly losing, do not worry. Read Boost Arena’s cheat list, tips and tips.

1. Fill the boost bar

When you start the game, you will see a blank bar at the top of the screen. This is filled when you pick up the boost ball. They are blue little things scattered around the stadium. Once full, you can use speed boost. This is useful for two things. Defensively, you can use it to escape from the opponent you are trying to collide with. Aggressively, you can deal with opponents with T-bone.

You will take them when you hit your opponent while using Speed Boost, but you will leave safely. But one thing you should keep in mind is that you have to rank according to the number of balls you pick up Boost Arena Apk do not get too excited because you will lose your Boost Ball every time you speed it up.

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2. Using items for attack

Speed-up attacks should only be used if they are remote or absolutely imminent. Instead, you should take advantage of a variety of items that you can import from the power-up box. Red and green tires are fired at enemy vehicles and can take them. The decoy box on the other hand imitates the strength of the box. The only difference is that there is a risk. If the other side does not pay attention, they can get excited to get out of the bait and finish running.

3. Cleaning the bulky car in Boost Arena Apk

As with .io games, when someone is flying, they will drop all the balls they draw. It is a great opportunity to collect lots of Boost balls at once. They may drop some power-ups for you. This is a good time to use magnet power because it instantly collects all the resources dropped by the enemy.

4. How to increase your score

At the end of the match, you will decide how much experience you will gain from the final score. You need experience to level up. The higher the level, the more options you can use, such as car options and paint jobs. There are three things you need to consider to know what your score is. First, how many Boost balls did you collect? As mentioned earlier, the more you collect, the better.

Second, did you bring some of your opponents out? Finally, how many brackets did you bring? Gold beads are bonuses that sometimes appear in the arena. They are very rare, so be sure to knock out the other player.

5. Boost strategy

If you have a large number of Boost balls in the rack, you should be able to use some speed boost to lose some of them. Again, do this only when you are comfortable with the amount you have picked up. The strategy is to use a fast boost to get deceived after getting close to the opponent. This will blow up their car and make them harvest whatever they fall. This trick is especially useful if you have a magnet.