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Blocky Racing APK Guide & Tips

Who wants to race on a boring old track? Blocky Racing Apk a colorful cart racing game that you can drive through chaos NexxStudios, new mobile game available on Android devices is not just speed. Cunning, fast response times and good strategies are needed same as like Reckless Racing 3 Apk, there are over 50 tracks to race. Each track has its own secrets and surprises.

Blocky Racing APK Guide, Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Find hidden shortcuts and watch out for dangerous obstacles! Are you having trouble with your cart? Use a different cart to find a better cart. There are more than 16 racers to choose from. Each radar undergoes various statistics and specialization processes. Upgrading your vehicle to improve overall stats can make it easier to survive. If you can not win by speed, destroy other competitors before crossing the finish line! Be sure to read the Blocky Racing Apk strategy guide and learn everything you need to know!

1. Make your turn early

If you know the laws of physics, you will find that your car is resilient and it will be difficult to sharpen it quickly. So it is important to start your turn before you get to the corner. It will take time to change direction. If you turn too late, you will end slamming on the roadside. It is helpful if you memorize the track you are playing. It is easier to predict the approaching turn and can be tilted to the right a little faster. It may not look good, but if you go too late, it will not slow you down, and it may even expose you to attacks.

2. Use your power UPs

There are various power-ups scattered around each track. These provide speed gains and random gains including weapons. Remember that you can have the power you want, but only one at a time. You can not replace the power being carried. If you turn on another power source on the road, you will end the drive. You must use power before you get something new. Find opportunities to use power as soon as possible. Look for it as soon as possible because you can get more opportunities.

3. Take the shortcut in Blocky Racing Apk

If you find a shortcut to a specific track, you should always take it. Of course, some shortcuts have hidden traps, but they are not a problem. If you remember these pitfalls, you can avoid them. Anyway, it is always a good idea to take a short path in spite of the danger because you will be resurrected. The time to save is still worth a few seconds to fly away. In addition, keyboard shortcuts are rarely used in computer controlled vehicles. In other words, it’s a great opportunity to win the game because others will go a long way.

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4. Buying a new cart

The new cart is better than the novice, which can be tempting, but not always. In fact, the only karts that are significantly better than your first are expensive ones. That means you wasted a coin if you bought a mid-range car with the limited money you initially had. Instead of buying a new cart that is slightly better than your current one, you might want to invest in an upgrade instead.

With enough practice, you should be able to win many games using only fully upgraded starter carts. If your level is much higher and you have a lot of money to spend, it’s time for you to get out of the top-of-the-line cart.

5. View ads for more money

Coins do not just fall from the sky, they need a large number of races before they can save as much as they need. That’s why it’s important to use pop-up ads after competition. These ads increase your coins by 50%. Given that you have to wait a few seconds for your ad to play, it’s not that bad.

Chaos is new when it comes to racing! To win all races, follow the Blocky Racing Apk guide above! On the other hand, if you know more hints about the game, do not hesitate to write a line in the comments section!