Block Strike

Block Strike APK v6.3.7

If you like the first person shooting game (FPS) and you have an Android device, Block Strike is the latest APK 6.3.7 (2262) that you should try. It is designed in pixels with a wide variety of modes, weapon designs and a large number of players. It has risen above its simple design to become a strong Android FPS game type. In the deadly execution mode, you will run through the location while trying not to include any traps. In AWP mode, you must take each character's life with one shot. In zombie survival mode, you should stay away from infection. In Team Death-Match mode, you must create a group of fighters against other players.

Block strike file information

Developer: Rexet Studio
Version: 6.3.7 (2262)
File size: 73.6 MB
Uploaded: August 12, 2019 at 10:05 AM GMT + 07
Requirement: Android 4.1 and higher
MD5: 6f0426a0880ceeddc5c36a7f325e65bc
SHA1: c535f92bc092b6a6320af8e8b19cc578a84c76ce

Download Block Strike APK 6.3.7

Block Strike APK v6.3.7

Block Strike Review

At the beginning, you will complete the initial instructions that inform you about the controls and the shutter button. The controls in this game are the same as can be found in the type of FPS game. The joystick is placed on the left to move, while the right side works to change the view. The correct function is also to jump, shoot, reload and change weapons. The configuration option allows you to adjust the controls as much as you want. In this option, you can adjust your sensitivity, transparency of the buttons and other customizations. Not only controls, you can also change the appearance of your character and other visual options.

Your character has enough weapons according to each category. There are so many options to choose from and they all have different ranges of attack, damage caused and effects. As you progress through various game modes, it will give you experience points.

You will also be given money for which you need to buy weapons and upgrade your masks. Since there are many FPS games, Block Strike still stands out. Its well-built features and its game become one of the reasons why many players win. This game combines all the unique features of FPS along with experience points and masks.


  • It has a high quality FPS game.
  • The money and experience system allows players to keep progress under control.
  • There are several maps and game modes.
  • Weapons are provided with each capacity.


  • Customizations need more money.
  • Some masks are only available in certain dropped boxes.

Tips for playing the game

The system is quite simple. Simply equip a weapon in your character and enter this fast-moving shooting game. Gather your group of friends and pave your way to the conquest. If you like to play with your other friends or players, Team Death-match is basically the one you can choose.

As there are so many different maps available, you can choose a small area to explore. Gather your team of shooters and explore a wider area for a more epic battle. Consider avoiding traps on a range of platforms at all costs. Buy the weapons that suit you and update them. Also, don't forget to make your character as cool as you want with masks.


  • Added a system to invite friends to the server
  • Updated storage map
  • Menu updated
  • New console commands added
  • Pump mode 2 updated

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