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Are you ready for the gun show? Blitz Brigade Apk overheating at the online FPS war festival as same as Critical Ops Apk, play your game in one of seven highly skilled classes and team up with other players to drop your enemies on the ground. Then you can dig them out and explode again!

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Enter into a remote alternative history where world military leaders are actually rational people. The Axis and Allied War armies realize that World War I is literally the worst thing. So if we chose the greatest, most triggering snipers and horsemen to fight in the amazing team arenas filled with guns, bombs, grenades, and much more messy (and more fun) tanks and other crazy crowds of things tool! So why do you need to improve your skills and fight the MMO FPS battle!

Race online!

Up to 12 players can simultaneously battle online simultaneously for intense combat games and maximum fun. Catch up a limited time event for new challenges, seasonal contests, interesting new content, especially with themed weapons and costumes! In Blitz Brigade Apk you can create or join a squad to squash world-class opponents in an MMO team game and work together to earn the glory and reward. With voice chat, you can set up an FPS strategy and talk to an avid ally during combat.

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Please select a class for kitting …

7 Classes: Jump into combat with versatile soldiers, heavy hitters, support medics, accurate snipers, cunning stealth, terrifying destroyers or tactics. Customize and master each class’s expertise to do your best in team games and to defeat your opponent’s plans. Turn off the super powers of each class that can completely change the battlefield.

Imagine a sniper that can be seen through the wall or a stealth that can not be seen at all! Unique provocative and kill quotes add your character to your team. Good provocation can do more damage than almost any weapon, so … Use a variety of hats to create a unique look.

Mode load of Blitz Brigade Apk

Deathmatch: Race your team to build the most casualties. Ruling: Defend your position and attack your main position and control the battlefield. The ultimate test of teamwork! Catch the flag: If you infiltrate the enemy’s fortress and rub the flag (there is a tricky part here), go back to the base before flying to the piece! Free for all: Give the first move you see. And the second … and everything after that! In this crazy shooter mode everyone can do it themselves!

Some power packs

  • Roll on various armed and explosive land and air assault vehicles.
  • Pilot the Crusher – mech!
  • Dance with over 100 wild weapons.
  • Exercise your skills in a single player mission challenge to train you for multiplayer PvP games.

War is a good time!

A fan for everyone who enjoys free online action games, class-based multiplayer shooting, first person shooter games, army / war games or great MMO battles. Get on the battlefield and prepare for the war and enjoy FPS fun game!

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