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Bike Unchained 2 APK Tips & Guide

People at RedBull have put a lot of effort into making the most realistic mountain bike game available on iOS and Android! Bike Unchained 2 Apk the sequel to the successful launch of the first successful mountain bike, allows users to cycle downhill as quickly as possible and get as much loot as possible same as like Traffic Rider APK, upgrading your trophy can be faster and faster.

Bike Unchained 2 Apk Tips, Guide, Cheats & Tricks for Android

Featuring an intuitive and simple overall design, Bike Unchained 2 offers users a unique gaming experience. Join live events and thrilling multiplayer races, enjoy realistic 3D graphics, and build your bike with the most amazing components! Below you can find the Bich Unchained 2 tips and cheat guides to help you get to the top of your leaderboard!

1. Begin with all claims

Play all modes to get compensation. How to get more compensation without being tied to your Bike Unchained 2 Apk if you’ve just started a peddle adventure, keep in mind that it’s very important to claim all possible rewards. You should start by focusing on the ranked races. High-ranking races can get a lot of rewards in a short period of time. You will be compensated for each sport you participate in. And if you can be promoted to the next league, the prize money is huge! In addition to the ranked races, there are other possible events, such as daily events, weekly events or special events.

When these events are completed and the event time expires, the required ranking is guaranteed to ensure a new Juicy Compensation Pack. You can upgrade your bike if you receive compensation when you play all modes. Season mode goals and mentor assignments provide a great opportunity to earn more.

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2. Use other bike modes

In general, new riders want to spend a lot of time in the air. This strategy is good for Slopestyle, but not for downhill racing. Bike Unchained 2 Apk there are two tips to keep in mind when racing downhill. In other words, jump on the way down and spend as little time in the air as possible. It is also very useful to use different bikes for each mode. Slopestyle You can use the bicycle editor to make bikes. This will automatically enable the bike every time you enter the Slopestyle tournament. If the number in the “thumbnail” circle goes up, you are making a solid bike.

3. Learn how to master a hand control

Portrait mode is one of the greatest miracles Bike Unchained 2 brings. And you can play with one hand. This type of control is important when you learn the best moment to speed, pedal, land a jump, or pump. So practice as much as you can master control. This tutorial is a great starting point to learn how to tap the screen to explore the shore down the hill or sell the hill. So do not skip it!

4. Bicycle upgrade in Bike Unchained 2 Apk

Constantly upgrading your bike and making it as powerful as possible is the key to Bike Unchained 2. Focus on upgrading your frames and parts without worrying about purchasing the following parts all the time. This saves you time by adding strength to your bike. Slopestyle has a special bike attribute that tells you how to handle tricks.

Take full advantage of the stats of the bike used in Slopestyle. You can maintain a similar rating while maintaining your current bike grade. So test each bike on a different trail to see if they perform better.

5. A mentor is helpful

Some of the world’s best riders are motivated to set up a challenge and make it nº 1! Use it because it can teach you tricks that make it faster and faster in your race. Mentors can also unlock valuable frames, parts, features, and tricks. So raise your level whenever possible.

6. Practice each track

There are too many available tracks, so it takes time and practice to master each track. Each track has its own tricks that are different and can have a negative impact on time. If you practice enough, you can learn with your mind and shorten your time. Start by competing in a ranking race Bike Unchained 2 Apk this will reveal the characteristics of each track exposed on each track. Once you know the layout of each track, you’ll know exactly when to press the screen repeatedly and when to hold your finger calmly.

Rock Bottom and Sailor ‘s Delight are especially tricky for new riders. Rock Bottom begins with the Doubles section. Once you learn how to erase them, your time will improve to a few seconds good. The big difference in Sailor ‘s Delight can ruin the race for the riders not paying attention. So pay attention to the terrain!

7. Strategically pump

Strategically pumping and maintaining momentum is not easy and requires a lot of practice. But there are a few tricks to keep in mind. Continuous pumping does not increase the speed. Especially if you are pumping over a hill. This will slow you down without doing anything. Instead, focus on pumping as you approach the top of the peak.

You can get the most out of pumping before you get downhill. After the jump, land on the downhill. This allows you to maintain momentum. When landing on a hill or on a flat surface, the speed drops significantly.

8. Learn how to do tricks

A good strategy is needed to perform tricks in Slopestyle. One efficient strategy is to speed up the excess in earlier small tricks. If you have a big trick you want to do, it is best to combine it with a small trick and land it as soon as possible. If you do not finish the trick before landing, you are more likely to experience a painful fall. Trick-based abilities, such as Trick Booster, allow you to solve larger tricks. But before you actually decide which tricks to take, check the distance between the jumps.

9. Always visit the store

Bike Unchained 2’s store offers Sponsor Pack, Tickets, Token Offers, Obtainium and Gold. It is important that you only purchase tickets and token benefits, since you will have enough sponsor packs containing gold and orbit when you complete the ranking races. With Token Offers, you can upgrade your bike faster and you can participate in special events at Tickets. And this is where our bicycle Unchained 2 Apk tips, tricks and hints end.