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Download Big Farm Mobile Harvest APK latest version 2.1.2614 many have said that farmers’ lives are difficult. I will not know it until I try this farmer simulation game. Big Farm: Mobile Harvest The latest APK 2.1.2614 (2614) is a simulation game where you can experience farmer’s life.

The game is listed under the casual category of the Google Play Store, although it is a simulation genre. The game itself is great for people who want to spend their free time. In the game you will play as a farmer.

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You need to manage crop resources and make some products. Big Farm: The key to developing a successful farm in Big Farm Mobile Harvest APK for Android is resource management. The best way is to secure as much of the agricultural sector as possible. To get a large sum of money, seeds should be planted at high prices. Do not forget to log in to the game often. Watering crops and feeding livestock regularly. If you do not sell all your crops, you should use your money wisely. Upgrading farm buildings is a top priority. Helps you create resources faster. In the market, resources created have high prices.

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About Big Farm Mobile Harvest file

  • Big Farm download: Mobile Harvest
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  • Change log
  • Previous version
  • By Goodgame Studios
  • Version: 2.1.2614 (2614)
  • File size: 48.7 MB
  • Added: April 17, 2018 9:02 GMT + 07
  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
  • MD5: 4115c3b6f4e3268731cdc5447e523168
  • SHA1: de63799e4d637a519a2ee6382e05292c706a9832

Review Big Farm Mobile Harvest APK

The story line of this game is simple. You inherit your uncle’s old farm, valley. Your goal is to turn an old farm into a successful business. During the introduction of the game, you will learn how to manage your farm. You will be introduced to the types of plants you can grow on your farm and how to cultivate them. In addition to plants, we also need to look after livestock. The gameplay of this simulation game is simple. First, we have to plant plants. As they grow, you can harvest them and sell crops to the market. In this sale, you will get a certain amount depending on the amount of crop you are selling. In other words, you can make more money by selling more crops.

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What can you do with all that money? Livestock can be purchased for additional income. Or you can upgrade farm buildings for quick resource production. Keep in mind that money is needed to buy fertilizer for livestock and for animal and plant foods. How closely you experienced this simulation game with a real farmer. Many people who already play games say they have realistic gameplay. Developers want to make the production cycle as realistic as possible. You need to feed the plants and feed the livestock every day. If you accidentally skip a day, you may not get a satisfactory crop. The interface incorporates isometric graphics. It also includes smooth animations.

Advantages :

There is a realistic production circle. It has a familiar user interface and isometric graphics. Disadvantages repetitive gameplay. You need to sign in every day. This game incorporates in-app purchases.

Change log

  1. Adventure Farm – Meet Nils Nordson at Nordland Farm. New buildings and decorations, viking history, cute
  2. arctic animals and challenging quests are waiting for you.
  3. Farm Machines – Use your farm equipment to support your farm.
  4. Goat Animation – The goat on the farm has a new stage of spring and is now wandering.
  5. Loyalty Points – All participants in a cooperative project receive a loyalty score.

Older Versions of Big Farm Mobile Harvest APK

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest 2.0.2489 (2489) Old APK
updated: april 17, 2018
Big Farm: Mobile Harvest 1.8.2393 (2393) Old APK
updated: march 20, 2018
Big Farm: Mobile Harvest 1.7.2337 (2337) Old APK
updated: february 15, 2018
Big Farm: Mobile Harvest 1.7.2309 (2309) Old APK
updated: february 3, 2018

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