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20 Top Best Zombie Games For Android(Latest)

20 Top Best Zombie Games For Android(Latest)

Welcome to the thrilling list of Android games. Here is the best zombie game for Android right now. This game list is derived from a long list of one of the most highly rated and widely downloaded zombie games.

My list of the best zombie games for Android has been created to provide the best of my respected viewers, all the latest zombie games on the Google Play Store.

Without a doubt, this list of best zombie games for Android is really excellent. So buckle up and get ready to experience the nonstop shooting action experience of a zombie game.

1.) Dead Trigger 2

Best Zombie Games

This is true even if you have not heard of Zombie before you’ve heard about Dead Trigger 2 from MADFINGER Games. More than 60 million people are now playing first person shooters in 10 regions of 33 environments around the world. At the end of the thrill, there are more than 50 weapons to choose from, and many tasks include global missions, solo campaigns and side quests.

You can get real goods through in-game calls and tournaments, and create the most impressive and addictive best zombie games with constantly evolving story lines and amazing graphics. Like most zombie games on the Google Play Store, this app is free to download, but includes in-app purchases. However, Dead Trigger 2 does not depend on them as many other options. Read more/download, here.

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2.) Into the Dead 2

Best Zombie Games

The sequel to PIKPOK’s original Into the Dead game is an immersive experience that will soon attract you. The eschatological world of this infinite runner game is dark, ominous, mysterious, and requires a wit for you to survive. The game includes seven chapters of 60 levels, various challenges, powerful weapons to unlock and upgrade, and various locations. The highlight for us is to include one faithful who is trying to protect you. Read more/download, here.

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3.) The Walking Dead: Season Two

Best Zombie Games

The Walking Dead franchise is extremely popular and I saw it as an orphaned Clementine who lost his parents to the zombie end. The Clementine must strive to find safety, and she must rely on survival instincts and resolve the dilemma along the way. Many of them have terrible consequences. You can also download Season Three here, because this game follows the Season Three game and decisions about it can have an impact on this game.

It offers a nice different tilt and it is a great and cruel game, but it has drawbacks. You can download apps for free and play 1 / 5th of them for free. However, to play the remaining 4 episodes, you must do so through in-app purchases. Download The Walking Dead: Season Two game here.

4.) Plants VS Zombies 2

Best Zombie Games

This game does not feel the horrible realism of other zombie games, but it is refreshing to play action strategy games with a more comedic feel. Electronic Arts can nail your head in this score and make more than 100 million downloads! Collect plant armies to protect your brain against hordes of zombies and earn Seed Packets to fuel your plants and strengthen your game. Over 300 levels, mini games, daily events, epic quests, and more. Download Plants vs zombies 2 here.

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5.) Zombies Run

Best Zombie Games

I would like to include this fitness and fitness app because it is not strictly a game but a fun way to do it in a fun way. We saw it while searching for top best zombie games for Android, and liked zombie games and offered the benefits of both worlds if you want to take care of yourself. Although it can run just as usual, it also serves as a runner 5 with people who believe in themselves for the rest of their lives. An exciting experience sounds like a zombie is getting closer. He moans to his approach and sends chills to his spine.

You will become a hero of each mission, and you will find that you are motivated to get faster and longer. You can mix songs in your playlist separately from the audio zombie drama. If you think about it, you will find that you are doing more than usual.

The first four missions are free, and additional missions can be done once a week. Or you can upgrade to the Zombie, Run Pro version using in-app purchases to perform more than 300 tasks immediately. Download Zombies Run here.

6.) Dead Effect 2

Best Zombie Games

Dead Effect 2 provides fantastic gameplay and combines elements of science fiction with RPG elements and lots of content. It provides an immersive experience with engaging stories and great soundtracks and effects. Character development is one of the highlights of this game and offers three personas consisting of over 100 gear sets, upgradable body implants and upgradable 40 weapons. The game also features controller support and customizable on-screen controls. Download Dead Effect 2 here.

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7.) Dead Venture: Zombie Survival

Best Zombie Games

This is a very comic-style zombie game, but it does not escape the fact that playing games is very fun. You will play as one of the few survivors trying to get to the military base for safety, and the game involves shaving zombies around the streets. It has a story mode with eight chapters and a Time Trial mode, which can be carried by car or fire mounted guns. Download Dead Venture: Zombie Survival Apk here.

8.) Zombie Gunship Survival

Best Zombie Games

Very nice graphics add to the atmosphere of this game where you kill zombies in helicopters. It has a very different incline and needs to lead an alliance of military survivors, clean up missions, get resources and return to the airfield to escape the zombie threat. Check it out because you can add experience with intense action and convincing weapons. Download Zombie Gunship Survival here.

9.) UNKILLED Zombie FPS Shooting

Best Zombie Games

Zombies have taken over New York City and can be one of five characters in this first person shooter game. You must join the Wolfpack task force and fight the dead walker to find out the secrets of the plague. One of the most enjoyable aspects is that you can make friends in PvP combat. More than 150 missions, more than 40 realistic weapons, customizable elements abound. Unkilled provides a violent and intense visual visual. Download UNKILLED Zombie FPS Shooting game here.

10.) Zombie Fighting Champions

Best Zombie Games

Describe the scene. In 2036 AD, humans are transformed into zombies by manipulated sera. The evil Papa Rainbow, who wants to destroy all humanity, controls zombies. ShowTime Arenas, SteakHouse, Salvage Yard, and Fortune Casino, you must recruit combat teams to fight undead in the Pit Fight League.

To do this, build fighters with Brute, Mauler, and Stalker classes, equip them with weapons and weapons, and win a final in four Fighting League. Smooth gameplay adds to the fun, and we’ve gained a high user rating of 4.5 / 5 stars in the Google Play store as proof of your app’s popularity. Download Zombie Fighting Champions game here.

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11.) Dead Target is One of the Best Zombie Games

Best Zombie Games

The dead goal is a first person shooter (FPS) zombie end survival game. It is actually the end of the game based on the story line. An accident in the lab created a zombie army that flies the entire city. Veterans were sent to fight chaos and control chaos. The game has a lot of challenges and missions, and the main mission is the boss mission, where every player has to move and expand to gain weapons to kill the goldsmith and money stronger and defend the zombie.

This game has a spin wheel every day so you can earn gold medals and money to keep things interesting. As the mission progresses, the game is quite difficult, but if you are not afraid, you can upgrade weapons to kill the zombies. In-app purchases have downloaded over 10 million views and earned 4.5 on the Google Play Store. Read more/ Download here.

12.) Unkilled

Best Zombie Games

I think the best zombie games for Android 2019 is a cool zombie game worth to come up with. It gets a slightly better graphics capability than his predecessor’s dead trigger 2. Better first person shooter game. Most of the features in this game support dead trigger features, many missions to go through, in-app purchases and hardware controllers.

This game is downloaded over 10 million times from the Google Play Store and ranked 4.5 on the Google Play Store. A really amazing FPS zombie game that totally eliminates boredom and offers incredible fun game time. Download UNKILLED game here.

13.) Zombie Highway 2

Best Zombie Games

Cover art This game is one of the first zombie games to appear on the list of the new best zombie games for Android. The basic goal is to allow the player to drive the desired vehicle. If you have enough money to buy the player, you will crawl along with the zombies along the endless roads and avoid going over to the extremely agile and frightening looking zombies.

This version of zombie highway offers better graphics and add-on than the first version. Leaderboards can be updated with new vehicles, weapons, and achievements to keep you informed of success. Download Zombie Highway 2 game here.

14.) Dead Effect 2

Best Zombie Games

Dead Effect 2 is a totally important zombie shooting game with well-established graphics and controls to shoot zombies, monsters, and other scientifically enhanced novel creatures. Premium games with in-app purchases, upgraded characters in games, over 40 destructive weapons, available level-ups, and upgradeable RPG features. Its a real drugs game, great gameplay is totally worthy of my list of best zombie games for Android. Download Dead Effect 2 game here.

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15.) The Walking Dead: Season One

Best Zombie Games

The Land of the Walking Dead series is a pretty good game and is on the popular games list on the Google Play Store. One of the unique features of this game is RPG games, and there are so beautiful mechanics. You have the ability to collect amazing characters when you get some credit in the game. The character you collect is the character of the TV show series. And cartoon.

Because it is basically a Freemium RPG game, there are many tasks and activities in the game. Do not worry about in-app purchases, really fun games. Download The Walking Dead: Season One game here.

16.) Zombie Gunship Survival

Best Zombie Games

This game is one of the newly created zombie games. Among the best zombie games for Android is totally amazing. It has a new new mechanism in the zombie gunship series. The gameplay of this game is great. I just like it. You can actually deploy your army to build your own base and kill many zombies at the base. The game is quite unique with pretty decent graphics, smooth controls. This game is completely free with some in-app purchases, so be prepared to experience some of your gunship survival. Download Zombie Gunship Survival game here.

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17.) Zombie Combat: Trigger Call 3D

Best Zombie Games

Zombie combat is valued as one of the best zombie shooting games of 2015, so it is worth to be included in this list and it has been amazing since then. I will start with game play. Remarkable. Control; drug. dynamics; large. The gaming experience of the game will keep you attached to your android device. Its a premium game, with in-app purchases. Download Zombie Call: Trigger 3D First Person Shooter game here.

18.) SAS: Zombie Assault 4

Best Zombie Games

As a matter of fact, zombie attacks are a premium game, and they use a lot of annoying pop-up ads, but they crawl with in-app purchases. One of the amazing features of the zombie shooting game is weapons and this game has a lot of cool weapons to choose from. If you like shooting games, you will fall in love with this game completely. I will not go into details about the rest of the game and the game, because it is an amazing game. All you have to do is get your Android device and follow the link below to download the game. And I can be sure you will not regret it. Download SAS: Zombie Assault 4 game here.

19.) The Walking Dead: Chapter One

Best Zombie Games

I will continue to use this list because the zombie shooting game is simply amazing, great graphics with sluggish controls, but it is still an amazing game and should be on the best zombie list games for Android. There are many missions to complete, challenges to upgrade and many weapons to upgrade. Download The Walking Dead: Chapter One here.

20.) Zombie defense

Best Zombie Games

This game is a shooting game. Probably one of the best shooting games on the Android Google Play Store with reasonable visuals and great gameplay. This game has many missions, 46 numbers, 4 different difficulty modes, many upgrades, different creatures and boss missions. Use heavy weapons to destroy as many zombies as you want and heavy vehicles to crush through zombies.

It has a very high resilience ability that allows you to make more cash and literally move each mission back and forth to score points. A pretty amazing game that has emerged as one of the best zombie games for Android. Download Zombie Defense game here.


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