Best Motu Patlu Games 2018 Overview

Hi guys! Are you looking for a Motu Patlu game? Play Motu Patlu Ki Jodi in this best Motu Patlu. Smile on your sweet face while enjoying the fun Motu Patlu game on your device. Motu Patlu is an animated cartoon series from Nickelodeon India. And these two characters; Motu and Patlu are Kids’ most beloved cartoon characters. And the motif “Motu Patlu Ki Jodi” is literally amazing and fun.

Best Motu Patlu Games 2018 Overview for Android

If you are looking for a Motu Patlu game, we have prepared a list of the Motu Patlu games you should do on your device. This list includes almost all types of games. Motu Patlu car games, Motu Patlu cycle games and more.

Motu Patty King of Hill Racing

Motu Patlu Games Moto Patut King of Hill Racing is one of the Motu Patlu games and it has lots of fun and addictive gameplay in its location. In this Motu Patlu game you compete with other players in the race, collect samosas, increase your car speed, avoid obstacles and pitfalls, and complete challenging stages. There are four sets of locations in this game. Hills, jungles, villages, villages. You can play it on your PC using the emulator.

2. Motu Patlu King of Kings

Motu Patlu Games Mutu Patlu The King of Kings game is one of the best Motu Patlu games. Features endless gameplay with two characters. Motu and Patlu. Because it is an endless game, it should run as long as possible. Control one of the game characters and start to run in the jungle, collect coins, avoid traps and obstacles, and break your records. Motu Patlu King of Kings Game Download  from Google Play Store.

3. Motu Patlu Race game

Motu Patlu Games In this Motu Patlu game, you will compete against other players in the first place. The best thing about this Motu Patlu game is the booster. There are various boots available in this game, such as Samosa to speed up, rockets to shoot down rivalry, vehicles to speed up. Try it out to find Motu Patlu games fun.

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4. Motu Patlu Speed Racing

Motu Patut Speed Racing Apk is one of the best Motu Patlu games you can play on your device. It is one of the most highly rated and popular games. Furfuri Nagar, Egypt, jungle, ant world, alien world. The game includes Jhatka scooters, Boxer sports cars, Chingam ‘s Bike, Badi Gaadi and many more. Each world of this fame features a challenging level. Good graphics and great gameplay.

5. Motu Patlu Running Game

In this Motu Patlu game you play with other game characters from Motu and Motu Ptalu series, your task is to grab money from the bank to steal your money. There are many obstacles to your pursuit. You must avoid them, collect coins, activate your vehicle, collect booths for Motu’s power-up, and fulfill your mission. Character of the game; Motu, Patlu, Ghasitaram, Jhatka and Chingum. vehicle; Lamy, Classic Red Scooter, Yellow Desire, Bike. As a result, the game offers a lot of content, so you only need to provide it once.

6. Motu Patlu Epic Jump Game

This Motu Patlu game is one of the challenging Motu Patlu games. In this game you play games with Motu, fight against traps and obstacles and save your friends. Patlu, Jhatka and others. It will not be easy if you do not care about all incoming obstacles. If you tap the screen, you can move to the other side and get out of the obstacle. Collect coins, booster, avoid deadly pitfalls and break your records. It is a very fun game.

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7. Motu Patlu Ki Jodi Game

Moti Patlu Ki Jodi is another Motu Patlu game on our list playing Best Motu Patlu Games together. There is a lion chasing you. The goal is to run as long as possible to survive long. But it is not easy. There are many obstacles in your path. Collect coins, avoid traps, and run as long as possible.

8. Motu Patlu Arrow Attack Game

This Motu Patlu game uses bows to destroy objects on the screen. It is a mini-game and only offers one job. Aim for your bow and destroy your things. Controls are very easy to handle. Put your finger on the screen, aim and release. If you are looking for a mini Motu Patlu game, try it out.

9. Motu Patlu Cycling Adventure

Motu Patlu Games It is one of the most popular Motu Patlu games with the motif “Motu Patlu Ki Jodi”. In this game you control all the characters that are cycling on the ground and complete the mission. There are many obstacles on the road. Avoid them and collect Samosas and enjoy Motu Patlu Cycling. But the graphics and gameplay are not as great as the Motu Patlu games mentioned above.

10. Motu Patlu Fruit Attack Game

The Motu Patlu Fruit Attack game is similar to the previously mentioned game “Motu Patlu Arrow Attack”. The difference in gameplay is that in this Motu Patlu game you have to cut the fruit using the bow. Point your finger at the bow, aim and place it at the perfect time. It is a great time killer and one of the best Motu Patlu games.

11. Motu Patlu Jungle Adventure Game

Motu Patlu Games Motu Patlu The jungle adventure is another one of the Motu Patlu games on our list. It is a platform game to play with Motu and the goal is to complete the level. There are many challenging levels in this game, collect Samosas, avoid traps and avoid obstacles. The control is very simple. You just jump out of Motu and tap the screen to avoid the trap. You can also choose a difficulty level before starting the game. Easy, normal, and hard.

12. Motu Patlu Adventure Game

The Adventure game is one of the best Motu Patlu games featuring super mario like gameplay. In this game you will play Motu, kill the enemy, kill, collect the fruits and complete the stage! It features cute graphics and comfortable gameplay, and if you’re looking for a Motu Patrol adventure game, try it out.

13. Motu Patlu Train Puzzle Game

In this Motu Patlu game, players must relocate tracks to create a safe route to the train. Tap the track to rotate and rearrange it in the correct direction. When you are finished, press the Start button. If you notice, you can stop the train, you made the wrong thing.


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