Battlelands Royale Apk Beginner’s Guide & Tips

Battlelands Royale Apk

Battlelands Royale Apk combines the perfect chaos of the battle royal genre with the fun artistic style of casual gun games, placing the player in top spot with a new top-down shooter. We have seen many variants in the battle royal genre from PUBG Mobile, but there is nothing as easy to play as Battlelands Royale.

Battlelands Royale Apk Beginner’s Guide & Tips for Android

This top-down shooting game has an intuitive control system that anyone can easily catch and start the battle instantly. The goal of the player-only Battlelands Royale is to find the best spot. Whether killing 20 enemies or killing 20 enemies, your character experience is derived entirely from your ability to stay longer than your opponent. Experienced combat players among us Royal players will find they are not interested in other players as they continue to feel pressure from the circle of death, which is constantly reducing the playing field. Battlelands Royale was introduced to the developers of Idle Tuber Empire, the Idle Crafting Empire, and the Idle City Empire, the idle series that have gained popularity in Fusion Play.

Battlelands Royale game was a whole new chapter for Futureplay’s developers. But as far as we are concerned, I have combined a casual and fun art style that I can see in the title with a fantastic working style for fantastic destruction demands. game. The Battlelands Royale Apk beginner’s buide below provides the best tips and tricks to help you survive the onslaught early on after a parachute hit.

1. How to fill your pockets with gold

currency uses classic arcade-style gold coins. This coin can be used to purchase pure appearance changes such as character, parachute, or even a range of emotions. Gold coins are very rare in Battlelands Royale and can be obtained simply by raising the character’s level. These rewards provide new parachutes or character skins and emotions, giving you more chances to get more coins. The quickest way to get this reward is to join the club royal, who can quickly access a large sum of coins. Do not focus on Battlelands Royale’s cosmetic upgrades.

2. A lone wolf or a destructive duo?

You have to decide whether you are going to split solo or team before parachuting. The unique advantages and pitfalls of each are as follows.

Unique benefits

You do not have to worry about being attacked by multiple players, so you have a greater chance of surviving a shock. You do not have to worry about distributing weapons, ammunition or shields evenly. No one can move around or shoot positions unnecessarily.

Duo benefits

As the number of remaining players begins to decrease, more solo players are more likely to continue fighting without a fighting partner. Setting an ambush is much more effective because you can catch enemy players with a crossfire. I get a second chance in life rather than dying. Your teammate can resurrect you and join you in the game.

3. Weapons in Battlelands Royale Apk

At Battlelands Royale game you will find a variety of weapons that offer unique advantages depending on the situation and play style. Below is a list of weapons as well as weapons that are most useful.


The only reason to burn a pacifist is when you do not see another gun. This is a basic semi-automatic rifle with the lowest fire speed as well as all gun damage.


Perfect ambush gun. Shotguns are obviously large at close range and ineffective when trying to shoot enemies at a distance. A good technique with a shotgun is to put yourself in a long grass with a med pack or shield. Then another player can pull you down and shave them with an FE shotgun.

Assault Rifle

Makes an assault rifle loud with a high firing rate that has been severely damaged. If in doubt, take the assault rifle.


High damage, high range, but low fire rate. If you can land a hit song, the sniper can quickly drop the enemy. The only problem is that the rate of fire is so low that missing shots can have a profound effect on damage results.


A mini gun with air bubbles suffers from extremely high fire speed and reasonable damage. These are obviously big magazines and are worthy of helping you take out many enemies easily.


You can also use it only with air bubbles. Bazooka has pretty good damage, but the rocket itself is moving very slowly. These are useful for hitting multiple units, but can also be avoided. When the circle is small, it is almost useless because it always uses low ammunition and the other player easily hides the back.

4. Know how the pickup works

There are a few things to know when picking up items. Carrying the same type of gun is good for small ammo and will be reset to the standard amount you received when you first brought the weapon. Because you do not translate into a new gun, you should always get a gun to play before you pick up the extra ammunition Battlelands Royale Apk you can select multiple items at once as long as your character is in the pickup ring. Pickups can be acquired while on the move, making them even more challenging if you attempt to collect aircraft.

5. Disappearing time playing in the grass

In Battle Land, Royale players have the ability to hide in long grass and switch invisibly. This is a great skill to avoid enemy contact and to sneak out the last five. When moving on a long turf, it is important for the character to kick the dirt that the enemy player can see, so try not to look around until it is absolutely necessary. Hiding in a long grass is an opportunity to ambush, so ideally place yourself as an item. The downside to hiding is that you never expect your lawn to be safe because enemy players can adopt the same play style as other players can do the same.

6. Putting death play to edge

Those who want to minimize the risk of death may benefit from playing close to death rings as much as possible. This reduces the number of angles the enemy player can approach. When using this play style, do not forget to leave yourself in a clear path as buildings and rivers can easily catch you. Turning the edge can lead to things left when another player ran to the center of the safe zone Battlelands Royale Apk use your time to search for more shields and ammo.

7. Know where to go

Battlelands Royale can only be played on a single map (unless you buy the most expensive Club Royal Pass), so learning the level and area with the best spoils does not take long. If you land farther from the edge of the map, you will generally have less chance of encountering enemies and spend more time in your life before fighting.

Boats are one of the best places to land and are often neglected in small sizes. However, its dense area creates a structure of spoils in close proximity to each other, making it a great spot to hit it up quickly. There is also a large lawn in the north, so you can work quickly in a good ambush area.

8. Enemy looting

Killing an enemy player is a great way to bring items you need in a fight, such as ammunition, mediation kits, shields, and weapons. As the circle becomes smaller, the number of items decreases sharply, killing the enemy player is the only way to replenish the statistics soon. Once you begin entering the inner circle, you will attempt to select a player that is alone at the edge of the playable area.

As most players arrive in the central region and are far from the circle of death, killing the player can not attract attention. I hope the Battlelands Royale Apk beginner’s guide will immediately uncover best practices for success. Grasp the shields as often as possible and fill up with ammunition to allow maximum physicalization. Good luck and happy fighting!

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