Balloma Game for Android

Balloma is a new adventure game for Android by Black River Studios. Here are some things you should know about this amazing game: overview. On the Google Play Store, small Android developers and Big players publish new Android games every day.

Balloma Game for Android overview

Due to the high volume, it is very difficult to track all new Android games. At MG, we publish updates on new Android games, game news and other updates every day. Today we are sharing another new Android game called “Balloma”. Balloma is simple but challenging for Adventure games for Android. balloma new android game 2018 In Balloma, the player controls the magic ball to find the way.

There are gorgeous 3D graphics, amazing gameplay and 10 amazing levels. The goal is to reach the final point. You need to collect all the pieces to get three stars. It will not be easy because lava is around you. Any mistakes can be dropped into the lava.

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balloma game is a new android game, Initial level can be deleted easily too. You must open the locked door [purple] at a later time. To open it, find and press the [Violet] button. It is a challenge.

Game features

  • Jumpers use the red button to jump.
  • Pusher press push button.
  • Teleporter helps to narrow the gap.
  • Otherwise, do not put yourself in the lava.