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Assassins Creed Rebellion APK Download

Download Assassins Creed Rebellion APK latest version 1.4.0 with the advent of new games every year, the game industry is expanding widely. Assassin ‘s Creed is not a new franchise in the game industry, and Assassin’ s Creed Rebellion latest APK 1.4.0 (44131) will offer another game.

In this game you have to organize your brotherhood to collect the Assassin’s best personality from your group. Ezio, Shao Jun, Aguilar, etc. If you are a fan of this series, the name will be familiar and a new character will emerge. You can play in offline mode as usual or expand your mission through online mode. More information on this game can be found in the sections below.

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Assassin ‘s Creed is not an easy game for beginners. Especially for players who are not experienced. To understand the overall gameplay, start collecting popular characters to build brotherhood. Assassins Creed Rebellion APK begin with a simple mission to receive bonuses and increase your character’s ability to reach a higher level. After that, you can prepare for a complex mission that requires maximum strategy. As you know, this mission determines the character’s overall skills and how you organize a single team. Of course, you can avoid this kind of assignment, but it is still important when you need to get the best players list. Therefore, this game is interesting. You can start with a complex game in a simple game before joining the top list player.

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About Assassins Creed Rebellion file

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  • Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Version: 1.4.0 (44131)
  • File size: 28.2 MB
  • Uploaded: April 19, 2018 at 11:00 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirements: Android 4.3+
  • MD5: 5d32e877da9719411d06b3afd768a533
  • SHA1: 0675b3fa55d8411d1292c6420462ba176472e4b8

Review Assassins Creed Rebellion APK

It is important to understand gameplay before you play, including this game. You will manage your own group of multiple characters. Initially, the target is the Templar. To increase your ability, you must continue your education. This kind of gameplay is familiar with action and roleplay genres. As we know, to fight, you have to defeat your skills, weapons and whatever enemies. Where do your characters live? You can build a fort for your character, which is also part of the process of rebuilding your brotherhood. Each character has a different skill, which is very useful for defeating enemies or performing missions. In Assassin ‘s Creed: Rebellion for Android, you have to choose 3 characters with different skills for your mission. Fortresses and houses must be extended to rooms and other equipment.

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You will collect resources to expand it, and the matter comes from the prize money after completing the mission. Because mission is important, you need to develop a strategy to combine the appropriate skills into effective and effective combat. In this game you can fight openly or keep stealth mode. Of course, all strategies should be adjusted to the chosen character. Another interesting feature is the new character after unlocking the DNA. In the first step, only familiar and prominent characters can be used. Then you can get more clues and DNA to get into brotherhood. This game is suitable for smartphone displays using attractive graphics. As an action game, graphics are essential, and developers of this game make every effort to improve performance. Each character is based on a familiar face and is easy to recognize.

Advantages :

There are a lot of familiar characters. It offers great graphics and easy gameplay, but it is still a passionate game. You can get a new character. Disadvantages requires Android 4.3 or higher. You need an internet connection to expand the game.

Change log

  1. Finally, a time-out event will arrive soon!
  2. Reduce your enemies with new speed-ups and overcome obstacles in seconds!
  3. With Autoplay, you can perform tasks that can be completed without sweat.
  4. Refresh daily selection – shops can never dry out!
  5. Now you have complete control over your headquarters! Move the room as you like!

Older Versions of Assassins Creed Rebellion APK
Assassin’s Creed Rebellion 1.3.2 (40153) Old APK
updated: april 19, 2018
Assassin’s Creed Rebellion 1.3.1 (39653) Old APK
updated: january 17, 2018
Assassin’s Creed Rebellion 1.2.1 (35183) Old APK
updated: december 22, 2017
Assassin’s Creed Rebellion 1.2.0 (33594) Old APK
updated: november 18, 2017

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