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A new game set in the Titanfall space, Apex Legends has recorded record numbers since it was released on PC and living room consoles. EA wants to compete directly with Fortnite and is considering a new free-to-play hit for the mobile version to do so.

Apex Legends Game for Android

More than 10 million: Number of players who downloaded Apex Legends on February 4th on PCs, Xbox One, PS4 and now Apex Legends game available on android device. The new titles released by EA Games attract a very large number of players. Why? Perhaps a combination of the words “free to play” (free in-game purchases, of course), battle royal (no-one in 2019), and the word Titanfall. The game is set up.

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Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA Games, seemed to be spreading rumors about the mobile version of Apex Legends. The Electronic Arts Q3 2019 import declaration mentions that games can be ported to mobile devices, specifically trying to capture Fortnite’s territory in Asia. Apex Legends Apk will show off cross-play for everyone in the future, but we will not miss this opportunity.

For example, in the Chinese market, the United States (Xbox) and Japan (PlayStation) consoles must be aimed at the PC or mobile market to gain market share without becoming widespread. The real difficulty of this moment seems to be adapting a frenzied criminal like Apex Legends to Touch Control.

Apex Legends Download here.


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