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AntiVirus PRO APK now you can take full advantage of real-time protection against viruses, malware, spyware and online abuse. Download now with a simple one-time payment. Join more than 100 million people who have already installed AVG’s anti-virus mobile security app! Many more Apk new apps available to download free here like, Google Allo Android Messages APK  & many latest Android APK apps games with free downloadable links.

AVG AntiVirus PRO With Android security, you can: Search apps and games in real time. Find lost phone calls with Google Maps, Please end the work that can slow down the speed of the mobile phone. Monitor and optimize battery, storage and data package usage, Hide the most personal photos from encrypted vault. Scan your WiFi network for encryption issues, weak passwords, and other threats.

Download AntiVirus PRO APK

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You can also get the following information when installing a premium app: App Lock – password protection for sensitive apps. Camera Trap – carefully e-mail photos of people who want to unlock your phone. Device lock – lock your phone every time you replace your SIM card.

App features:

Search apps and games for malicious content. If the website detects harmful threats and threats are detected, they will be redirected to the “Safety Page” (Android native browser and Chrome and OS prior to 6.0) WiFi Scanners, Analyzers and Inspectors for network encryption, password strength, the Portable Portal (the ability to “log” users before using WiFi), and ARP poisoning (allowing attackers to redirect users to other URLs)

  • Optimize and save power by monitoring battery consumption.
  • End tasks and processes to help speed up
  • Track your mobile data usage plan
  • Storage space optimization (internal and SD card)

With AVG’s remote management console or text message (SMS), you can use AVG AntiVirus PRO APK for android security to: Finding lost calls with Google Maps, Lock your phone and set a lock screen message so the locator can find you. Calls (ringtone) of mobile phone will ring even in automatic mode. Clear cell phone and SD card content. Camera Trap: When you unlock your phone, e-mail the picture of the person who entered the wrong password 3 carefully.

Device lock: Lock your phone automatically whenever you replace your SIM card. Hide private photos from a password-protected Vault to prevent others from snooping your memories. App Lock: Lock your sensitive apps to protect your privacy and safety, or lock your phone settings to protect your settings. Block calls and messages: Protect yourself from spammers, hackers and scammers.

Warn about suspicious text messages, filter and block unnecessary calls and messages (SMS blocking is not available on devices using Android v4.4 or later) Delete call history, clipboard content, and browsing history (Chrome) Reset contacts, text messages, photos, browser history, calendars, SD card formatting and initialization devices.

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