Anger of Stick 5

Wrath of Stick 5 APK v1.1.8

Playing the action game is always interesting. The action game is enjoyable with the challenging mission of pleasing you in your free time. Speaking about the type of action games, Google Play offers many options for you. Here, to enjoy a good action game, you can download the latest APK 1.1.8 (109) of Anger of Stick 5 as your favorite. This game is developed by J-PARK and becomes one of the most popular action games on Google Play. The game gets 4.5 stars in qualification. This high rating informs that Android users love this game very much.

Wrath of the Stick 5 file information

Developer: J-PARK
Version: 1.1.8 (109)
File size: 29.5 MB
Uploaded: October 9, 2019 at 10:32 a.m. GMT + 07
Requirement: Android 2.3 and higher
MD5: ad7682dc33d9aaf7c11a3df72bc3b165
SHA1: 612d46bbe2f0e0ff3e3519cdb673b4763a2786f2

Download Anger of Stick 5 APK 1.1.8

Wrath of Stick 5 APK v1.1.8

The anger of Stick 5 review

This game will put you on the great mission you never expected before. The scenario of this game is that a strange group of enemies will appear in the city. The enemies will use innocent people as the object of their experiment. Many people become zombies because of that experiment. Here, your mission is to save people and eliminate the enemies of the city. Let's see what features we will get inside this game.

Awesome animation graphic

The Anger of Stick 5 is nice with the impressive animation graphic, which will provide a simple but excellent interface. We cannot say that the character within this game is abstract, but neither is it real, like the human form. The character, especially the enemies, is like a shadow.

In general, the interface of this game is good. The developer combines the color of each part of the game well, so we will have a special sense when playing it.

Nice weapon to use

To kill enemies and save people in the city, of course, the hero will need the special weapon. Here, the player can obtain the special weapon, especially the gun that will be used. There are some variations of the weapon to use and players can update the weapon with some gems they have.

Full mode to enjoy

Through this game, you can enjoy the individual and zombie mode. Each mode will deliver the different mission to finish. Of course, zombie mode will be more interesting, but to start the game, I think playing individual mode might be a better option.


  • Awesome interface
  • Challenging mission to enjoy
  • Easy control


  • The weapons are too expensive
  • You need more money to boost gems

Some tips to play

Our mission is to save people from enemies. However, to perform this mission correctly, we need to know some strategies and tips. In this case, it is good when you start playing from the individual mode to test your ability. Enjoy it until your ability has increased.

Then, try to do the combined technique using the different button. This idea could be used well when you have a good smartphone with multi-touch function. The combined attack here will be more effective in killing enemies and increasing gems. By playing this game regularly, I'm sure you could automatically learn about more combo.


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