Adventure Escape Allied Spies Game

Haiku Games has just released a new puzzle adventure Android game in the Google Play store. Here’s what you need to know about alliance spies – guides, exercises. Puzzle games are mind blowing games and everyone plays this type of game. If you are looking for something new with adventure elements, you should play “Adventure Escape: Allied Spies”, a new puzzle game in the Haiku game.

Adventure Escape Allied Spies Game Overview

Stories – Newly married Ed and Marie Hamilton drove parachutes into occupied France on a mission to smuggle two scientists in Europe. They meet French resistance. But the ruthless Major Crestler is wrong to do their network as fast as it can. Who is the traitor? Where are the scientists? What are the huge weapons that make-krasler is preparing? Will Ed and Marie spend the night alone?

Allied spies use hidden items to perfect chapters or solve puzzles. However, this game is not so easy even if you know what you need to do. Start with a quick tutorial to learn how to find and collect things, and how to use hints / stars. Do not use it all at once, as stars are limited. Save it for later use or buy more for real money.

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You need 9 difficulty levels to complete the Alliance Spy game. If you know how to fix it you can complete Adventure Escape Allied Spies Game within 2 hours. Here’s how to do allied spy games: Practice 1, In Chapter 1, we must kill the guards. First we go into the house, put the lantern in place, fix the gun and shoot down the guards.

1. Complete the tutorial – pick the knife and cut the parachute. You can zoom in and out by tapping the screen. Tap on the left side of the screen middle left.

2. Collect ropes and lanterns. Home press the next door. You can see the door locked. We’ve unlocked it. Unlock the sequence by pressing the buttons.

3. Enter your home. Collect two lamps, a broken bottle, a pencil, a butter, and a barrel. First, open the box and pick up pencils and levers. Use wooden crowns to open wooden objects. Refer to the object highlighted in the picture. Butter.

4. Tap the table, insert the broken bottle, put the butter and rope inside, tap the rope again.

5. Get out of the room. Use Milliva in your car. Press both buttons and place a pencil on it. Burn a makeshift lantern and three other lanterns. Allied Spy Game – Practice 1 Adventure Escape Allied Spy is a great puzzle adventure.

6. Enter the house and place two lanterns and one temporary lantern. Adventure Escape Allied Spies is a great puzzle adventure.

7. Place one lantern on the door.

8. When fixing the gun select the lock part. You can fix it by tapping the table and pressing the gun again. Draw a baked pencil out of the car and use it with the table to sketch the gun. Adventure Escape Allied Spy is a great puzzle adventure.

9. Specify a different part of the lock for the gun that matches the sketch.

10. Shoot the lantern and guard to end the first chapter of the Alliance Spy.


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