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Advanced Download Manager APK Download Latest Version 6.4.0

Advanced Download Manager APK download latest version 6.4.0 people do not connect to the Internet just for browsing. Most people can say that they have to download all kinds of files, from light things like images or music to heavy things like movies and movies. Images and music downloads can be done through a browser.

Download Advanced Download Manager APK latest version

However, I do not think so in the case of movies or movies that require GB memory to be downloaded. A low connection will take a few hours or more. So, we have the latest Advanced Download Manager App 2018 6.4.0 (64040) for you to take this opportunity to consider.

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  • Developer: DimonVideo
  • Version: 6.4.0 (64040)
  • File size: 4.1 MB
  • Uploaded: November 27, 2017 1:28 PM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Varies by device
  • MD5: 7e5004760c06c6984979f4aef432147a
  • SHA1: 1c9c1e1d739c1f5f5c5829dba7b20be021c5471a

Review Advanced Download Manager App

First of all, you need to admit that Advanced Download Manager APK has a simple interface. It has no bad points about it at all. In fact, it’s easy to use with this simple interface. Still, there are many features in the app. Considering the simple interface it has, it should be a piece of master cake that master the use of this application with all the features you have to offer. You may never know that simplicity can make the most of this app to fit your needs. It is worth the effort. Another good thing about this application is that you can schedule downloads with it. You do not need to download it right now.

You can set an event at any time of the day. Even if you set it right in the middle of the night, Download Advanced Download Manager APK will continue to work and wake up to successfully download the intended movie or movie. We recommend this because it is a fairly efficient application and there is not yet the ability for other users to save time. Now that you know a lot about this app, it’s time to learn the pros and cons that it will bring for you. We have already listed some of the people who have already used this application to gain realistic insights as much as possible for their own benefit. Here we go.

Advantages :

Very efficient Very easy to use. Fast download time Possible Broken Download Update Disadvantages Enable automatic video addition No pause resume options.

How to use Advanced Download App APK

As I said before, it’s not difficult to understand how to use the Advanced Download Manager APK for Android because it has a simple interface. You can get started by opening the app and tapping the navigation symbol. Enter and find the file you want to download. If your app supports your browser, the URL of the file will be displayed. Then click the Add button and click Start. The application needs to perform the task to download the file and wait for it to complete successfully.

Change log

  1. Speed graph in left menu
  2. Summary progress to launch download from left menu
  3. Settings – Interface – Size (gmk / GMK, b / B)
  4. Settings – Notifications – Command Buttons (Add, Set, Browser)
  5. Settings – Browser – Launcher’s browser icon (Launcher can react later)
  6. Transparency in color presets and ColorPicker
  7. From the browser top menu, click Send and Open for any open web page
  8. Disable text for Windows and lock maximum width in all windows
  9. Browsers in your browser’s system list

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