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Action Launcher APK Download Latest Version 34.1

Action Launcher APK download latest version 34.1 Android is the base system for the major smartphones in the world. Even if you use a similar system, the interface is different.

Download Action Launcher APK latest version

Action Launcher Use the latest APK 34.1 (34010000) to create attractive and cool interfaces. This is a specific app that supports users when accessing most apps and provides interface customization. Generally, it uses vendor and manufacturer interfaces, but the Action Launcher is a third party for many smartphones. Use more themes, colors, and backgrounds to create a better interface for your smartphone.

About Action Launcher APK

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  • Developer: Action Launcher
  • Version: 34.1 (34010000)
  • File size: 13.2 MB
  • Uploaded: February 4, 2018 10:35 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 4.1+
  • MD5: 72f6f8c3957615dac0afba3327e74fa9
  • SHA1: b8dde4ca46ba990adbf77071f04219f30adc03a6

Action Launcher APK review

Two interesting features are full-screen mode and circular folder style. Android smartphones use multiple dock interfaces. This dock includes shortcuts and widgets. The default dock is always the most important app icon, and it’s in the main interface. For example, this dock includes Google apps, instant messaging, and mobile phones. To access another dock, swipe to obtain the second dock and then the third dock. The number of docks can be viewed based on the dots on the screen. You need to swipe one by one to see all the icons.

This is not an effective way to access applications. The Action Launcher provides a full-screen mode for viewing all applications on a single screen. Download Action Launcher APK for Android you can then access it without swiping it to the next dock. To add a widget, simply swipe right to Action Launcher: Pixel Edition for Android. Choose everything you need – calendar, clock, weather icons, and more. Same as regular Android launcher. One of the differences between this launcher and others is the ability to resize the icons. As you know, Android offers 7 versions with new updates.

This app has features that fit the old android as a new version. You do not need to upgrade your smartphone to use the new features in Android 7.0. For example, if you want to know more on Facebook, you can quickly access it without opening the app. When you tap this app in the interface, a few settings appear. You can also get suggestions for icons instead of standard icons for regular apps. This feature is called Quickedit. Another feature, called Quickbar, lets you customize the Google bar on your main dock. Change the theme and add new colors to get a more engaging interface.

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Advantages :

Interactive interface. There are more colors and themes. This application is easy to use Disadvantages Only available on Android 5.1 and above.

How to use Action Launcher

This app is a third party app that makes your smartphone more impressive and engaging. By adding shortcuts to this application, you can quickly access other commonly needed applications. As mentioned above, you can change the background, colors, and pictures to make them more stylish and engaging. Free download Action Launcher APK  select your photos in your phone’s library and set them as your default background. If you like the standard theme, change the icon of the app that you normally access. The Action Launcher also offers an option for this icon as an option. This application was developed to customize the smartphone interface using Android as the operating system. If you still have an older version, it is better to update to get more features and options. When you swipe the dock, you will be in full screen mode for all apps that are already installed.

Change log

  1. Enhanced adaptive icon support including “artificial adaptive icons” for legacy icon reconfiguration and
  2. “adaptive alternate mode” that prioritizes application’s default adaptive icons.
  3. Action Launcher APK for Android
  4. Adaptive icon drag animation.
  5. AdaptiveZoom Developer API.
  6. Android 8.1 style folder with dynamic open / close animation.
  7. Update the appearance of the bundled calendar icon.
  8. Bug fixes and optimizations.
  9. AdaptiveZoom!
  10. 2018 Sponsor Pack.
  11. Much more!

Older Versions of Action Launcher APK

Action Launcher 33.1 (33010000) Old APK
updated: february 4, 2018
Action Launcher 33.0 (33000500) Old APK
updated: january 18, 2018
Action Launcher 32.0 (32000300) Old APK
updated: january 14, 2018
Action Launcher 31.6 (31060600) Old APK
updated: december 10, 2017

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