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911 Operator APK 2018 Download

911 Operator get all possible help by anticipating the arrival of these services, as well as the phone number of the rescue service, through a phone call to the firefighter or the police in the field.

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At the same time, the work of this service operator is very important because it actually assesses the situation and must determine whether the caller is actually telling the truth or being a phone terrorist. Make the right decision about what is happening. Therefore, you should test the strengths of the operator role of the 911 service in the simulator named 911 Operator. It is worth noting that game developers have implemented tremendously all possible incident scenarios. So be prepared for any surprises. Full Russian support will help you to fully understand the technology.

911 Operator is in charge of emergency dispatch and should process it promptly. Your mission is not just to answer the phone, but to respond appropriately to the situation. Sometimes, first aid instructions may be sufficient and may require intervention by police, fire departments or paramedics. The person on the other side can be found to be the father of a dying daughter, an unpredictable terrorist or a naughty person. Can you handle all of this? Check out thousands of cities around the world. With Pre-Play mode, you can choose cities where you can download maps along with actual street, address, and emergency infrastructure.

You can also try career mode with 6 cities with unique events. You can survive the earthquake in San Francisco and save Washington DC from a bomb attack. 911 Operator APK you can dispose of several police, fire departments and paramedics. The military can use a variety of vehicles, essential equipment (bulletproof vests, first aid kits and tech tools) from common ambulances to helicopters, and can be made up of team members with different abilities.


  • More than 50 conversations inspired by real currency: serious, dramatic, sometimes funny or annoying.
  • First aid instruction.
  • Opportunity to play in any city in the world!
  • 6 selected cities in career mode. There are unique calls and events.
  • Over 140 types of reports you can meet.
  • 12 types of emergency vehicles (including helicopters, police cars and motorcycles).

You need an internet connection to download the free map. Offline games are available after you download the map.

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